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Press and Media Coverage

Below, find press and media coverage related to the "Stations of Mychal" song cycle, including the official press release and the event posters.

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Official Press Release

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Event Poster

Photos from our latest recording session!

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Article in Texas State University's Hillviews Magazine

"The music is emotive and edgy, at times, to depict both the joy and agony that a holy man might feel. Novak says the project has reinvigorated his faith as a cradle Catholic to embrace the reality that God loves and accepts everyone, despite each person’s flaws. “His message is you are a child of God and I love you. This is what Father Mychal lived,” Novak says, adding that the undertaking represents some of the best music he’s heard and reflects a cohesive collaboration of the artistic team. “This has far surpassed anything I’ve ever dreamed,” he says."

from "Music professor and team create, perform 'Stations of Mychal'"

article published in Hillviews Magazine, Summer 2021 issue,

written by Susie Phillips Gonzalez

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Find the full article at this link!

Article in the 
New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung

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Find the full article at this link!